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Thank you for your interest in subscribing to this exciting new weekly report and I hope you’ll accept my personal invitation to become a part of Lillian Too’s Mandala. A Mandala is often described as a circle or a network of people with a teacher dedicated to a philosophy of goodness.

If you follow my advice in these weekly ezines and do your feng shui with a pure heart and honest motivation then you will come to understand the real energy and secrets of this ancient science. You will learn feng shui not just for yourself, but also for everyone that you love. You will understand the meaning of good feng shui.

  • Powerful, quick and easy to understand feng shui formulas to seriously increase your wealth, health and relationship luck.
  • Authentic & spiritual feng shui for empowerment.
  • How to improve your health and boost your vitality and chi essence.

Be the first to get the latest news from Malaysia with info on upcoming events and classes. I’ll share feng shui stories and interesting articles with you to help you learn how to adapt your feng shui practice to modern life!

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Feng Shui has attracted a great deal of good fortune into my life for the past 37 years for which I am most grateful. I welcome you to join me on this exciting journey and hope it will do as much and even more for you!

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