Dear Friend,


There is an incredible brilliance and deep spirituality within you that you may not yet be aware of. Everyone wants and deserves to live a happy, safe, and incredibly successful life and to feel good about themselves and I’m sure you are no different.


And here is the biggest secret. The ability to have all of this is already within you, yet most people do not know how to access or use it. I am here to teach you.




Lillian Reveals Her 3 Personal Keys to Success

Learn How to Unlock and Activate Your Inner Shaman & Access Your Super-Conscious Mind


You have the potential to manifest extraordinary transformation and reach your Inner Shaman – your Super-Conscious Mind. When you do this, you create new realities that change everything you have ever thought yourself to be and most of what you know to be true. Your Inner Shaman has remarkable abilities and talents that are well beyond your wildest imagination.


Are you are feeling like things haven’t turned out the way they should? Have you been betrayed and hurt by people that you trusted? Are you are living the same life, week after week without change? Are your thoughts scattered? Are digital distractions and online diversions stealing not only your time but your mind?


Are you looking to improve your current relationships, become more positive and successful and increase your material wealth?


Then, it’s time to WAKE UP YOUR INNER SHAMAN! It’s TIME to up your game and raise your PERSONAL STANDARDS. Because neglecting the power that lies within you is not only sad, it is a tragedy. Spend time with me at my upcoming private and intimate retreat and let me show you how to upgrade your life and find real joy!


When the Shaman is accessed you will begin to breathe deeply and feel the manifesting frequency that has been buried for so long within you come alive! And when I show you what to do, you will literally have the ability to create reality from your thoughts as you use your own Super-Conscious Mind.

Behold Your Super-Conscious Mind


Your Super-Conscious Mind is where your unique genius brings transformative brilliance to everything you do. Tapping into this power awakens all your innate talents such as your psychic intuitive senses, your creative imagination, your dreamscapes and your spiritual frequencies.

Your own unique genius may be in the field of mathematics or music, in art or architecture, in construction or in commerce, in sports, in writing, creating, leading others, organizing and socializing – your creative genius will fully emerge when your super-conscious mind is awakened.


Who knows what your own unique genius may be? We are all put on earth to fulfill a specific purpose. Alas, only a handful awaken to their true calling. Those who fulfill their purpose by harnessing the genius within them are those who will bring real meaning to their lives.


Come and spend 5 days with me. We will go deep into your super-conscious mind to reveal and begin to use its powers! Then, be it in music, in the arts, in performing or creating, in inventing, constructing, planning or simply getting things done… when you find out – that is when your own super-conscious mind will give you the courage to follow your heart and your intuition.

The 3 Keys to Absolute Success


  1. Believing in your own power to manifest reality is the start.
  2. Learning to access and master your thinking power is the practice.
  3. Knowing how to focus and develop proper Mindfulness Habits is the way to completion.

KEY NO. 1: Building Belief in Yourself


Beware of the Danger of Limiting Beliefs and Distractions


You must first learn to push aside limiting fears and distractions. They rob you of the power to believe in yourself, making your ability to manifest impossible. When you know how to get rid of these thieves of happiness once and for all, you will realize that your personal key to success and happy living was always there waiting for you. It is your own hidden power just at the edge of your consciousness waiting to burst forth.


Believing is the motivation needed to unlock the super-brilliance within you. Ordinarily we are superficial about ourselves, going only skin-deep without really diving in. Our thoughts skim the surface of our talent, making us impetuous, with shallow feelings and small-minded intentions. We are tight and unyielding in our thoughts, reactive and defensive in our approach to living. Unfortunately, we allow the defense mechanisms to rule and a result, our creative brilliance shuts down.


Here’s the really sad part. We let our actions reflect the insecurities and fears that we keep inside without even realizing we are doing it. The defense mechanisms we use destroy our dreams. We let our fears compound the dullness of our daily lives until we accept that this is the reality of life – this is what life is all about. WE ARE STUCK.

“If you plan on being anything less than who you are capable of being, you will probably be unhappy all the days of your life.”

– Abraham Maslow, psychologist

Think back for a minute about your childhood. You were probably an unstoppable kid with great ideas and endless energy. You were happy and creative. And then gradually it became more important to be popular and accepted than doing what you really loved. Maybe people made fun of your art or singing or ideas. You sacrificed yourself to “fit in”. And when you betrayed your true power… something inside of you began to die.


Chronic harmful accumulations of your past may not be exactly as described above, but whatever your experience, you must let it go. Irrespective of how they seeped into your consciousness and belief systems, they were and are a part of you now – they craft your thinking and craft your reactions and actions. Harmful and limiting belief systems shroud your brilliance and lock up the true hero inside of you. Unless you act to change it.


Spend the week with Lillian and learn how to let go of restrictive beliefs that are holding you back and stopping you from reaching your supernatural potential.


Join me in Kuala Lumpur May 6-10, 2019, and I will teach you how to stop sabotaging yourself (you may not even realize when and how you are doing this)! Let me show you how to handle your conscious mind first, then your subconscious mind and finally how to awaken your super-conscious mind! THIS IS WHERE YOUR INNER GENIUS DWELLS. You will learn how to access your reservoirs of ability and apply them, so you can finally lead the happy, prosperous and meaningful life you long for. Everyone deserves this.


I must warn you that finding this type of freedom, success and good fortune does not come without a price. First you must learn what to do and then be prepared to commit to the discipline and change it requires. The minute you feel like giving up is the very minute you must continue on with strength and conviction. But don’t worry. I will be there to help you throughout our five days together.

KEY NO. 2: Accessing Your Thought Power


Accessing the right state of mind and utilizing your thought power is the second key. This allows you to dispel all the obstacles that you have unconsciously cultivated in the past, and the ones that you are facing right now.


Albert Einstein brilliantly told us: “The intuitive mind is a sacred gift and the rational mind is its faithful servant. We have created a society that honors the servant and has forgotten the gift.”


You must never forget the precious incredible gift of your own intuitive supernatural mind! You see, being a genius in not about possessing any power exclusive in and of itself. Everyone has the same potential and the same abilities – there is a Shaman inside every one of us. You just need to know how to reach for your highest self and unleash your powers.


At this retreat we will focus on the power of thought… because you become what you think about most of the time and you are a complete compilation of your thoughts. The outer state of your life will always be in sync with your inner thoughts and inner state. You must never let negative thoughts take root in your mind. You attract what you are… not what you desire.


It follows therefore that you cannot improve your circumstances unless you improve yourself. And that is exactly what will happen during this 5-day retreat.


As you radically change your thoughts, you will be amazed at the rapid transformation of wealth, health, relationships, work, well-being and attitudes in your life. You will begin to recognize the power within you. This is the first step to taking full control of your conscious, sub-conscious and super-conscious mind.

“Man is the keeper of his heart and the watcher of his mind and as such can be diligent or negligent. Your life proceeds from your thoughts and you possess the power to rule your mind.”

– James Allen

I am here to help you create exactly the kind of life you wish for; do the work and generate the kind of success that you want, and it must be all on your own terms. No one but YOU will be guiding you; your destiny is in your own hands.

KEY NO. 3: Creating New Thought Habits


Much has been written on the power of habits. The most successful people on the planet today have developed mindfulness habits because they know that every established mental condition is an acquired habit – formed by the continuous repetition of a thought. Remember that the best results come from the best mindfulness habits, not your parents or genetics.

Your habits can work for you or against you. Your state of mind – whether it be anger, happiness, generosity, etc. is built by habits until they become automatic. I call them mind habits. When you constantly repeat a thought, it becomes fixed in your mind. It may be positive or negative – the subconscious mind does not differentiate.



You must install the right mentalities and practice them constantly. Thankfully, your mind has the power to form and reform such habits and conditions. You are in charge since you can modify and control your thoughts.


You can accomplish the extraordinary
with good mind habits.


And here is a little-known secret: your thoughts carry an energy charge which attracts other related or like thoughts, hence the concept of a “mastermind” is created. When you understand the power of a mastermind and how many minds can energetically work in harmony, you are in possession of great knowledge that is unknown to many. You will learn how to utilize the power of the mastermind in your business and personal life!

Learn How to Train Your Mind Continually & Become Aware of Every Thought


How you behave every day and how much you accomplish is a function of your thoughts. Therefore, at this retreat we will enter the world of positive thought and leave negativity behind. At this retreat I will show you how to wipe out negative personal programming that has been holding you back and limiting your progress. No more victim mentality or blaming others – family and friends, your boss or lover. You will no longer live a mediocre life. You see, staying poor doesn’t require much effort or planning… while getting rich does. We will leave the “poverty mentality” behind and grow rich through the powers of our super-conscious mind. This is exciting stuff!



Rewrite & Recreate Your Personal Story!


During these five days and for the first time ever, I will provide you with the tools to overcome the dark forces and toxic influences that may be around you and pushing you down. Remember… your environment and the company you keep shapes your life. The people you hang around with affect your thoughts and vitality.


You will be introduced to NEW life-changing Mindfulness Habits. As you re-write your personal story using the appropriate tools you will find your self-respect is elevated. I will show you what to feed your mind so that you can attract miracles! You may be surprised at how quickly a NEW YOU emerges in just five days.


Today we live in a fast-paced world and it’s hard to keep up. Change is manifesting faster than ever, as well as emotional transformations that call for a transcending kind of reality consciousness. We are living in a time of incredible information overload. We must embrace a NEW MINDFULNESS MENTALITY.


This is something that can genuinely engage us. Mindfulness has become very popular due to the heightened awareness to which the embrace of spirituality has awakened.


To this end it is helpful indeed to get together and participate in this super-mindfulness retreat, one that expands the depth and range of possibilities that exist at the edge of your consciousness.


We will explore the power of the mind and go beyond this to reach for the potential of your super-consciousness, by awakening the Shaman within and accessing the all-powerful super-conscious mind.

“Most people take the limits of their vision to be the limits of the world. A few do not. Join them.”

– Arthur Schopenhauer, German philosopher

If you would like to develop a powerful, spiritual approach to living, this retreat is for you. We will generate a Mindful Awareness together that unlocks everything inside and around us. You will develop acute sensitivities to the energies – gross and subtle that flow around us. In doing so, your Mindfulness will strengthen and expand your inner and outer consciousness… and you will possess the three keys to unlock your full power and brilliance.



What to Expect


In this 5-day retreat Lillian offers her deep wisdom and trainings in Mindfulness for the first time. She will guide you through a transformational, life-changing experience and you will begin enjoying the benefits and manifestations of her training immediately.


Each day she will introduce new methods of focus using spiritual and mindfulness skills that she has been taught by her spiritual masters over the past decades. Expect to be delighted and amazed as she teaches with refreshing insights and practices and offers you the tools to finally “unlock your Inner Shaman”!

Lillian’s Mastery & Mindfulness
Retreat offers:

  • Daily meditational practice
  • Taming the Mind – a training in awareness
  • The power and methods of visualization
  • Breathing techniques to calm and breathing techniques to awake your inner fire
  • Positive affirmations using spoken words and phrases to build self-esteem and confidence
  • Reflections of the Five Senses
  • Rituals for anger, overcoming financial problems, mending broken relationships and betrayal
  • The Power of the Mastermind


Things You Should Know


  • Malaysia is a beautiful, peaceful and welcoming country. You will love the people, venue, food and feel very comfortable here.
  • This retreat is open to anyone who is interested in manifesting extraordinary life-changing transformation and reaching new levels of personal mastery. Please come with positive intention and an open mind.
  • Hotel reservations are on your own. We recommend the Gardens Hotel in Mid-Valley as this is walking distance from WOFS headquarters.
  • Meditation cushion and supplies will be provided along with all course materials. These are yours to keep and take with you.
  • Delicious daily refreshments will be served throughout the day.
  • Bring comfortable clothing. There will be indoor and outdoor venues at WOFS headquarters and Lillian’s garden. Venues may change depending on weather and Lillian’s teachings on a particular day. Transportation will be provided.
  • Come with a positive and open mind. Lillian will share her deep wisdom and mindfulness techniques in ways you have not experienced before. Prepare to transform!
  • There is limited space due to the intimate nature of this course. Please be sure to register early and guarantee your spot.
  • Price for this five-day retreat with Lillian is U.S. $4,997. If you have studied with Lillian in the past, you will receive a 10% Student Discount.


Please join me for this five-day retreat and I will take you on one of the most amazing journeys of your lifetime. Due to the intimate nature of this retreat, space is extremely limited, and registration is on a first-come, first served basis.





Here’s What to Do Next to Guarantee Your Spot

May 6-10, 2019 in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

Price for the retreat U.S. $4,997*


(Inclusive of meditation cushion, daily refreshments and course materials)

*Former students are entitled to receive a 10% discount off above price.


Unlocking your Inner Shaman is the key that lights up your inner brilliance, your power to create magic which transforms your personal particles of energy to work ONLY for your well-being.


You are more powerful than you know or understand right now. It is time to leave your safe harbor – ships are meant to sail and not stay in the harbor!


As scary as it sounds, most people stay the same their entire lives and never grow or change. But not YOU. I invite you to become part of the TINY percentage of people who uplifts yourself daily – I want this retreat to change your life forever.


Your real power comes when you connect with your inner gifts and we all have them. Self-mastery comes from inside, from your deepest beliefs.


Don’t Delay!

May 6-10, 2019 in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia



Price for the retreat U.S. $4,997*


(Inclusive of meditation cushion, daily refreshments and course materials)

*Former students are entitled to receive a 10% discount off above price.

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